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Posts by Van Santos

The Mechanical Licensing Collective

Compact disc (CD) sales revenue reached its peak in 1999 at just over $13 billion and accounted for 90% of all music industry revenue.  In June of that same year, Napster®, the peer-to-peer file sharing software, was released to the public.  Napster® would become one of the largest disrupters in the history of the music…

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The Digital “Good Samaritan”

A stranger appears to help a stranded person in need.  The stranger has no motive or personal reward to gain from offering a helping hand, but nevertheless, the stranger steps in to rescue the day.  This person is the archetypal “Good Samaritan.”  As a matter of public policy, every state has enacted some sort of…

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Street Art Is Here to Stay!

Food Trucks. Breweries. Street Art.  These are some trendy staples in most redeveloping urban areas.  Young tourists line up (for what seems like miles!) to pose for Instagram ® photos in front of massive street murals that depict wings, quotes, and other stylish images.  Street art is extremely popular, and it is here to stay,…

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Remote Notarization and Witnessing in Tennessee

Social distancing mandates accompanying the COVID-19 fight wreaked havoc on all in-person activities in 2020.  Concerts and conventions halted across the nation.  Businesses scrambled to implement work-from-home strategies.  It was vital to adapt activities that were required by law to occur in person, such as the witnessing and execution of legal documents. On April 9,…

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