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Cases That Show Why You
Should Hire an Attorney

Cecily Tyson – A True Legend

Cecily Tyson passed away last week on January 28, 2021.   It does not seem quite right, does it?  Legends like ...
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Who Consented to the Consent Decrees?

Anti-trust!  Unfair competition!  Monopolies!  Consent Decrees!  We know many folks are clamoring about it due to “Big Tech”, but just ...
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Non-disclosure Agreements: Do I Need One?

Non-disclosure agreements (“NDAs”) are written agreements among two or more parties in which one or both sides agree to not ...
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Copyright Small Claims Act Passes Congress

Congress finally did something!  On December 21, 2020, Congress passed the CASE Act, the Copyright Alternative in Small Claims Act ...
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The 5Pointz Saga is Finally Over

The United States Supreme Court denied developer G&M Realty’s petition to hear its appeal from the decision of the Court ...
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Works for Hire – Just Exactly What Does It Mean?

A songwriter hires and pays a person to create a musical track for the lyrics the songwriter has written.  An ...
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U.S. Copyright Office Updates about Updating

The U.S. Copyright Office has undergone massive changes over the past few years in their efforts to catch up with ...
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Make No Bones About It, a Skeleton May Be Copyrightable

Recently, an appeals court was faced with deciding if a sculptural work of the human skeleton is protectible by copyright ...
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The Mechanical Licensing Collective

Compact disc (CD) sales revenue reached its peak in 1999 at just over $13 billion and accounted for 90% of ...
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The Digital “Good Samaritan”

A stranger appears to help a stranded person in need.  The stranger has no motive or personal reward to gain ...
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